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K-9 Resources and Links

  • Assistance Dog Resources - Service dogs have been found to be very beneficial for some children and adults with autism. Autism Speaks has put together a list of resources to help you learn more about service dogs and connect you with organizations that may be able to help you and your family find a service dog that is right for you.

  • Adult Dog Fostering Program - This program is similar to the Puppy Partners Program, but it is usually a short term foster arrangement lasting 1- 3 months. As our service dogs are nearing their placement dates, we are looking for homes that will foster them and prepare them for the day-to-day routine of living with a family. During this time our service dog is going to work or to school with you each day, and you are providing numerous public access opportunities to prepare them for the reality of their new placement. During this time, Adult Dog foster families are required to keep up the day to day obedience training and practice specialized training scenarios.

  • Pet Food, Toys, Equipment and Medicinal Recalls - A free tool that lists the most recent recalls that could harm pets. It also allows pet owners to sign up for alerts about potentially toxic food and medicinal products. Our list aggregates data from 3 sources and contains the most comprehensive list on the Internet.

    Search all pet-related recalls from the FDA, American Veterinary Medical Association®, and Animal Health Foundation. Our list is updated daily and includes toys, meds, and equipment recalls — not just foods.

  • Pet and Animal Emergency Planning - This page explains how to make a pet and animal emergency plan. It also provides tips and planning tools on how to make a plan.

  • Service and Guide Dogs - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is committed to ensuring Veterans receive the benefits for which they qualify. VA implemented rules to codify the previous authorities for guide, hearing and mobility dogs into one regulation, 38 CFR 17.148, titled Service Dogs. VA does not provide service dogs (SD) or guide dogs (GD), but does provide veterinary health care and other benefits in support of guide dogs, and hearing and mobility service dogs to maximize the life and utility of these specialized dogs.

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