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Mishiiki Sire
Sire, Mishiiki
Siyah dam during protection training
Sire, Mishiiki
Siyah Dam
hashuska w/ mom Siyah
hashuska and Miara

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K-9 Information

I am a: Trainer
Name: Laura Moon
City/Town: Cartersville
State/County: Georgia
Zip/Post Code: 30120
Country: USA
Phone: 678-767-9826

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Name: German Shepherd/Malinois Puppies (Shepinois)
Age: 13 weeks
Sex: M

Sire: Sire of puppies is Mishiiki Zulu F'Grim whos father is found on the database

Link: Click To Sire Pedigree

Dam: Dam is Siyah a German Shepherd Malinois. Her father is Padouca Van Zohre Apex and Mother is German Shepherd, Moosette.

Parents OFA'd: No
Parents Titled: Yes

Listed: 30th, Nov 2016
Updated: 20th, Jun 2019
K-9 Pedigree

Mishiiki's grandfather is found on database

Padouca's pedigree is all Jo Farm on both sides
Quesa has an incredible pedigree

Additional Information

Availability Date: 6/2019
Highest Title: See website for parents titles
Registration: Other

Colour: Sable black chest /mask
Guarantees: Health
OFA'd: No

Price / Availability

Price: $750 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency

This K-9 is Available
Training Details

All of our dogs are trained by me and my protection trainers. All my dogs are on site both female puppies are biting a puppy sleeve right now. Both rated a mid to upper 2 in temperament Volhard. Very driven and focused. All our dogs are trained by me except for my trainer for protection work.

The great granddam is Quesa who has a tracking dog title and a scentwork title in inside, outside and container searches. several awards for her speed of finding target odors. She is extremely agile. See Quesa's videos at under video section.

Puppies grandmother is Kimber Mini Sunka Jo FArm who is trained in personal protection and has titles in dock diving. See her videos at
The pups great grandsire is Padouca, a Jo Farm dog who is extreme in protection and great at scentwork and agility as well. See his videos at

The pups grandfather is Mishiiki Zulu F'grim who is trained in personal protection by us and trainer. See his videos at and The puppies mother is Anavey, daughter of Kimber Mini Sunka who is currently being trained in protection. Anavey has a huge hunt drive as well.

Owner Comments

These puppies will make someone a great pet /guard dog. Both parents are big boned with large head size. Dam is Siyah and sire is Mishiijki. We are currently accepting deposits now of $150.

The German Malinois are bred for high intelligence and a desire to please, are super protective and loyal. The German Malinois have the intelligence, loyalty, and protectiveness of the German Shepherd breed and the high drive, energy, intelligence, and great desire to please from the Belgian Malinois.

Once trained will be valued at $5000 - $15,000 and have made some of the finest military dogs in the world. Some have a strong German Shepherd appearance and others a Malinois appearance. Please see past litter under reviews, however these will be different parents than the GSD and are very athletic and quick to train. Exercise is important because they have the tenacity of a Malinois, able to work long periods without becoming winded. In general, the Belgian Malinois do well on farms, big fenced yards, chasing a frisbee or long walks to get adequate exercise, but even more important is their mental excercise, like advanced obedience, agility, herding, Schutzhund, tracking sports, or detection so as not to get bored. The Malinois can be willful and stubborn but highly trainable and thrive in advanced obedience, trick and agility training. They are able to read small movements and even read facial expressions and are famous for being so in tune with their trainers that they can literally stay one step ahead of the person giving the commands, (which I have personally seen myself). They are highly intelligent & manipulative. Their herding insinct makes them protective of the home and family - can have dominant tendencies so owner must project firmness. In general the traits of the German Shepherd dog are their high intelligence which makes these dogs easy to work with, many have said these dogs will train themselves with housetraining and common words/ commands. On dog intelligence tests the GSD ranks in the top 10 and often in the top 3. It is a dominant breed, active, but not hyperactive. They also need routine intensive exercise, but not as much as some of the smaller herding dogs who need hours & hours. For a GSD maybe a 30 min walk and obedience training twice daily, or large fenced area to play with other dogs. The GSD need to feel like they have an inportant job to do with the family like guarding. They are great at fetching, obedience, Schutzhund competitions, agility and frisbee. Also GSD can read peoples emotions well and therefore also used as therapy dogs.

The Shepinois still has to be socialised early on to make sure he/she does not get too aggressive. For pedigree photos of adults, buyer reviews w/ photos, videos, awards, titles, great grandgrandparents photos see our website.

The sire of this litter is Mishiiki Zulu F'Grim an AKC registered Belgian Malinois out of strong working lines. Mishiiki bitework photos on our site. Mishiikis is dual registered with AKC and UKC. He has had 9 weeks of protection training and is still ongoing with advanced, along with obedience, so far. See his videos under our video section. He has a very good temperament, nothing over the top, very obedient, good nerves, good protection drive and good balldrive as well. Sired by Dovre Fgrim who is a son of Gast Vlaamse Leeuw NVBK cat1.

The dam was imported from Switzerland and is a grandaughter of Turcodos. Mishiikis offspring will have Gast, A'tim, Turcodos, Stoned, Joe Farm and Munk de Mallassagne in the first four generations of their pedigree. Here is a link to his dads database

The mother's and father's parents have many titles. Grandsire is Mondio Ring iii, French Ring iii. Grandam is Schutzhund on the fathers side, IPO, Shchuzhund titles. Dam of this litter is SiyahSsiyah, a 3 year old German Malinois. She is rated a 1 in temperament, a suitable score for police work. She is excellent in protection training and currently has 6 weeks under her belt. She is fearless and protective yet a joy to have around and also a great pet. We enjoy taking her hiking and going on trips. She has the energy level that a GSD has. Her father is Padouca Zohre Van Apex and her mom is Moosette. a GSD. Padouca comes out of Joe Farm lines, he is UKC registered. Padouca is at least 85lbs plus, a larger Malinois and pure muscle, extremely strong, also a good nose, extreme jumping ability - he can easily scale an 81/2 foot wall. He does nicely in nosework, also has a very long impressive pedigree.

The mothers and fathers parents have many titles. Grandsire is Mondio Ring iii, French Ring iii. Grandam is Schutzhund on the fathers side. Please go to their pages titled " photos of puppies & parents" to see many more pictures of Padouca, plus videos under video section on hurdle jumps, nosework, ball drive, bitework etc.

All pedigree photos, videos, pictures including grandparents, past litters, awards, buyer reviews or for pictures of puppies go to Call 678-767-9826

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