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IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness
IDC® Powerharness


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I am a: Dealer
Company: Julius-K9, LLC
City/Town: Riverview
State/County: Florida
Zip/Post Code: 33568
Country: USA
Phone: 8132539903

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Name: Julius Powerharness

Listed: 6th, May 2016
Updated: 2nd, Nov 2016
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Price: $33 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency
Baby1: $32.99, Baby2: $34.99, Mini-mini: $39.20, Mini: $41.60, 0: $46.40, 1-3: $50.40, 4: $66.99
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JULIUS-K9® IDC®-Powerharness

The IDC®-Powerharness is a high quality dog harness, suitable for home use as well as for working dogs:
- PERFECT ERGONOMICS: Thanks to a major development of the IDC®-Powerharness the chest strap, forwards the power lines of the leash with almost no breakage. The chestrap is positioned accross the sternum of the dog.
- REFLECTIVE EDGES AND CHEST STRAP: One of the most important functions of the IDC®-Powerharness is that it works well also as a visibility vest. The grey line of the chest strap and the edges of the harness are made of reflective materials to help keep your dog visible when out walking in the dark, even from a great distance.
- BREATHABLE, SKIN FRIENDLY INNER LINER: Unfairly, we don’t pay enough attention to these great features. The OEKO-TEX® material is manufactured to the highest international standards.
- HEAVY DUTY BUCKLES: The high-quality buckles of the IDC®-Powerharnesses are fully tested and checked. This careful attention is of great significance, especially during wintertime, as the buckles work perfectly and don’t break even in frosty weather.
- IDC® HANDLE LOCK: The handle fixing option of the IDC®-Powerharness allows 4 combinations. You can fix only the steel ring, only the handle, both of them, or none of them. With these, you can minimize the dog’s chances of being blocked. It’s really important especially for hunting and search and rescue dogs. NOTE: If the dog is blocked by the bushes the IDC®-Powerharness allows the dog to move backwards easily, so the dog can escape.
- SIDE BAG FIXING OPTION: Side bags are available in 3L and 4L versions for the bigger Powerharness, sizes from 0 to 4. A smaller IDC® Universal side bag has also been available since 2013. With a 250cm3 capacity, it’s ideal for carrying documents, vaccination papers, cellphones and dog treats.
- FLASHLIGHT HOLDER: The flashlight holder is made of elastic material. Dueto this, it can hold various sizes of flashlights. Made of high quality German materials. It can be used simultaneously with the side bags. It’s essential for search and rescue dogs and service dogs for working during the night.

Available colors: black, camouflage, woodland, autumn touch, red, neon, sun, blue, aquamarine, beige, silver, purple, pink

Baby 1 Size: 29-36 cm / 11.5-14 in // 0,8-3 kg / 2-6.5 lbs $32.99
Baby 2 Size: 33-45 cm / 13-17.5 in // 2-5 kg / 4.5-11 lbs $34.99
Mini-mini Size: 40-53 cm / 15.5-21 in // 4-7 kg / 9-15.5 lbs $39.20
Mini Size: 49-67 cm 19.5-26.5 in // 7-15 kg / 15.5-33 lbs $41.60
0 Size: 58-76 cm / 23-30 in // 14-25 kg / 31-55 lbs $46.40
1 Size: 63-85 cm / 26-33.5 in // 23-30 kg / 50.5-66 lbs $50.40
2 Size: 71-96 cm / 28-37.5 in // 28-40 kg / 61.5-88 lbs $50.40
3 Size: 82-115 cm / 32.5-46.5 in // 40-70 kg / 88-154 lbs $50.40
4 Size: 96-138 cm / 38-54.5 in // 70-90 kg / 154-198 lbs $66.99

The first dog harness with hook&loop patches from the inventor! Since 1997!


For bulk order, please contact us for discounts!
You can also visit our office/warehouse located in Tampa(FL), to check out our products in person. Please email or call us to schedule an appointment. Law enforcement officers receive a 10% discount at our location.

To purchase our products online please visit the Julius-K9 USA Store:

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