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Name: Karin Wagemann
Company: Nine Realms Canine Training
City/Town: Spokane Valley
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Name: Zuko
Age: 1
Sex: M

Listed: 12th, May 2021
Updated: 17th, May 2021
Additional Information

Availability Date: 5/5/2021

Colour: Sable Fawn

Price / Availability

Price: $4700 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency
Handling School also required-cost 2500
This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

DOB: April 27, 2020

Dual Purpose Patrol K9: Narcotics Detection, Tracking, Suspect Building Search, Apprehension

Status: Ready for Handler School

Trained on Cocaine, Heroin, Meth. Ready to work live on vehicle and building searches for narcotics detection. Tracks multiple surfaces, road crossings, through distractions, aged 30 min, 3/4 mile. Firm, full grips on sleeve with good prey and defensive drives. Bites hidden sleeve, firm, full, and hard. No environmental issues. Social with people and other dogs. No cats. Best suited for dual purpose patrol.

Zuko is available for placement:

1yr male Malinois trained in tracking, narcotics detection, and apprehension that I am looking to place (at American Society of Canine Trainers-ASCT cert level for narc, tracking, etc.). I have done all his training since he was a ten-week-old pup. He bites hard, full, firm, and has hidden sleeve work. Ball drive is extreme and his hunt drive is as well. Passive final indication of sit/stare at odor (cocaine, heroin, meth). Solid environmentals, recovers instantly, no issue with slick floors, stairs, dark/tight spaces. No handler aggression, easy to handle (has been worked by several new handlers with no issue). Dog friendly, house trained, clean in crate. He is social with people, and children and would make a great ambassador for a department. I just wrapped up the Bozeman school and a good number of handlers and trainers watched him if you would like reference from them. He is ready to be placed with a handler and start working. I can provide videos of work.

Here is the poor news: I just had his hip and elbow X-rays done last week. His elbows are clear. However, his right hip X-rays is dysplastic, but he shows absolutely no clinical signs. He has no lameness, pain, mobility issues, or symptoms of this dysplasia. I’ve had a specialist in Bozeman MT look at him and the X-rays. His opinion was as following:

From what the X-ray shows the dog should be showing arthritis in the X-ray as well (there is none at all). The dog should also be at the height of pain if he has dysplasia. The dog has absolutely none, not even after work stiffness or soreness the next day. Thus, it is his opinion that the dog is one of a small percentage of dogs that when radiographed (pulling the hip into the standard viewing position for hip X-rays) the hip looks poor, but when the dog is moving normally the femur and the socket sit together correctly and move fine, causing no bone on bone grinding which would lead to pain and arthritis. The evidence points to this. Can I guarantee that the dog won’t develop dysplasia later on? No.

Should the hip become a problem, a total hip replacement would completely fix the issue and he could go back to complete work within 3 months of the surgery. Two veterinarians I talked with confirmed this.

He is a good dog that needs to work. It would be an absolute waste to wash him on the possibility that his hip will cause issues later on when he has no issues now.

Considering his hip I am offering him at a steeply discounted rate. Handler school must be done through me-no exceptions. School costs $2500. American Society of Canine Trainers (ASCT) contract and certification. Handler must stay ASCT certified with dog. I will not place him in a department that does not have a budget to maintain a dog (health, training, etc.) or cannot afford anything but a donated dog (as then they will not have funds for future health and training requirements).

Please email for information and to discuss further.

Price $4,700

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