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6-8 y/o female Malinois
Social with some dogs
Experienced Home Required

Belgian Malinois

Seller Information
K-9 Information

I am a: Private Party
Name: Hillary Daly
City/Town: Fredericksburg
State/County: Virginia
Zip/Post Code: 22407
Phone: (919)902-1286

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Name: Vanya
Age: Approximately 6-8 y/o
Sex: F

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Listed: 13th, Nov 2009
Updated: 27th, Jan 2014
Additional Information

Availability Date: Now.
Pet Passport: No

Colour: Dark Red w/Black Mask
OFA'd: No

Price / Availability

Price: Free
This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

I tested her hunt/retrieve drive at the shelter and it was weak at best. Since she has put on weight and regained health, she appears to have much more interest in retrieving. We can test her hunt drive if anyone is interested. She has clearly had some protection-type training and knows some obedience.

Owner Comments

"Vanya" was rescued from a shelter in VA that was going to put her to sleep. She is a large female, probably 60-70 lbs. and appears to be in good health. We initially thought she was younger, maybe 4-5 y/o, but the vet said from the look of the lenses in her eyes, she appears to be around 6-8. We have her up to date on all shots. She is wonderful with my roommate, my co-worker and I (all females) but is not social with strangers. I am pretty sure she is not good with cats either and I don't know how she would be with children. For the first day or two, we were cautious with her because she allegedly bit a trainer who was trying to test her (which is why she was going to be put to sleep), but have had no problems.

She is confident and dominant, but I have never had a problem with her being aggressive towards me fact, she is almost annoying because she is so overly affectionate. She is good in a crate and in the house, but will spin and bark if there are new people in the house or there are other sources of excitement. She is a side licker, but we've been dealing with that by leaving treat filled toys in her crate. I think if she got out more and had more personal attention, this would probably subside. She will lie on a bed on the floor and is just happy to be out and with us.

Vanya would make a wonderful companion/protection dog for an experienced home. Honestly, I feel safer with her in the house than my own Mals because she is obviously serious when a stranger is in the house. She has been good with the other male dogs in the house, but is a little too dominant to be trusted with other females.

Please message me for any more information. I am located in Fredericksburg, VA, but I will do my best to transport her to a new home. We already have 5 other dogs in the house and it's not fair to keep her crated so much of the time when she really just wants to be out with us. She MUST go to an experienced home ...she is too much dog for someone who doesn't understand the breed and know how to manage a more serious dog.

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