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I am a: Breeder
Name: Brian Hillukka
Company: Castle Shelter Group LLC
City/Town: Clearwater
State/County: Minnesota
Zip/Post Code: 55320
Country: United States
Phone: 202-615-7115

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Name: Taika X Dunco Litter
Age: Born 08 June 2014

Sire: From Dunco's Owner: "Dunco is a well proven Stud Dog and competitor from the Czech Republic. Dunco was used as a foundation stud dog in europe and he was imported to be Texoma K-9's foundation stud dog in 2006. He is a proven producer of police and working dogs in Europe and the USA. Dunco has several sons and daughters that are police dogs in Europe and the USA. Dunco has 35 + titled sons and daughter in Europe and the United States and every couple of months another is titled and added to that list. His daughters and grand daughters are used in some of the best working line German Shepherd breeding programs in Europe. One son participated in the 2008 FCI and WUSV World Championships. Dunco came from the D litter of the Va-Pe kennel. From the Va-Pe D Litter, Dunco had 4 sisters that had sons and daughters that were in the FCI World Team and the WUSV 2008 world team. There are few dogs in the world who are still alive that have achieved what he has with his progeny while still being alive. Dunco's lines go back to the very best working lines.
- V Nick vom Heiligenbösch 3X BSP,SCHH3, FH1 Kkl 1, (BSP & V-LGA) SCHH3
- V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese,
- G Ina vom Haus Gard,
- SG Half vom Ruhbachtal SCHH3 ( G-BSP ) FH Kkl , grandson, and line bred on the famous von der bösen Nachbarschaft Kennel,
- SG Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH Kkl 1 and V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3 and
- V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft,
- V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese (BSP & V-LGA) SCHH3 Kkl 1.
These strong line breeding combinations are producing some of the best dogs in the world at this time. Dunco is one of the last remaining proven studs with this outstanding and rare working pedigree / the Nick and Yoschy line breeding combination with litter mates Timmy and Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft in the 3rd generation. Dunco is a social, very high drive, hard, 100% environmentally strong dog, who produces great workers with solid nerves, great bones and structure, good size, with great drives. " The link below states the above information and also gives videos, pedigree and other pertinent facts.

Dam: Taika is registered in Finland, below is her sire's (Arco Zo Severnej Hranice) pedigree link. Very complimentary to Dunco, full of titled, proven performers and breeders. Shared (with Dunco, thus linebreed on) notable ancestors include V Nick vom Heiligenbösch, SG Half vom Ruhbachtal, G Ina vom Haus Gard, SG Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaf, and V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft.
Link: Click To Dam Pedigree

Parents OFA'd: Yes
Parents Titled: Yes

Listed: 17th, Jul 2014
Updated: 24th, Sep 2015
K-9 Pedigree

Litter is linebred with:
2-4 V Nick vom Heiligenbösch
3-5 SG Half vom Ruhbachtal
3-5 G Ina vom Haus Gard

also, both dam and sire side exhibit the Timmy / Troll cross 4-6

and many others. If you know pedigrees, or dogs/dog families please review these pedigrees.

Additional Information

Availability Date: 27 July 2014
Highest Title: Sire SG Dunco Va-Pe 5V5/55P 1Tr. VPGA, SVV2, IPO3, SCHH3, Kkl 1. Mother's Sire (Arco) SCHH3, Kkl 1. Pedigree loaded with titles and proven working/breeding dogs.

Colour: Sable / Black / Tan
Hip Score: contact me for X-rays, hips/elbows of mother are great, X-rayed at 3.5 years old so you can see what they look like after maturity and some work.


Link: Click For Video
Link: Click For Video
Link: Click For Video
Link: Click For Video

Price / Availability

This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

Pups have been handled since birth following the Army's Superdog Program of handling and socializing. In addition, lots of contact from small children and strangers (friendly) to present strange conditions. Neighbor's 45 minute 4th of July fireworks show and thunderstorms provided no fright to the dogs; a few moments of looking, couple barks, then back to eating, playing and sleeping. Allowed to free-range in the yard to explore, learn, stimulate their minds to develop the highest level of intelligence, self-confidence and strong nerves. These dogs, based on parents, should excel at police, SAR, personal protection and detection work. Titles also show the strong ability to excel in the competitive arena, if you are looking for a competition dog you may search a long time to find better. And most importantly, these are working dogs. Both parents are exceptional dogs.

Owner Comments

Czech Border Patrol - Working drive, ability, health and temperament. Pedigree full of proven performance and production.

I can relate about the mother, for details on the father please contact me for contact information. This is Taika's first litter, 4 males and 3 females. We are keeping one female for breeding purposes and SAR training. Taika is the smartest dog I have worked with. She has strong protection skills and drive, without being too aggressive. She knows her job and does it. She (now 3.5 years old) has in addition to her intelligence a strong desire to work with one. Her ears are always swiveled towards one to see what is requested next, and she looks at one's face to try interpret and anticipate what is needed. She is by all means not a robot however, she shows a strong ability to think things out for herself and is totally confident being in charge of any situation while still accepting guidance from a handler. Her nose is excellent, without training (just practice) she demonstrated transition from footstep to footstep tracking to running parallel to the scent trail on air scent, then when overshooting the trail coming back to footstep to footstep until the line was established, then back to air scent. She also will find a target based on wind and understands quartering downwind. Like I said, an exceptional dog. I have needed to give very little instruction and she just figured it out. Her vocabulary (understanding of spoken commands) numbers in the hundreds, and she is bi-lingual to some degree. High prey, working, retrieve, protection drives, yet very good in the home as well. She is off inside (unless we give her the alert word or she notices something that needs attention), calm, happy to be a part of the family and outside is looking for work. Understands her place, has already aided in the protection of a residence, tracking/search over .5 miles over snow, roads, woods and buildings to apprehend a would-be burglar. Not formally trained, just innate instinct and ability and some guidance from her handler. This was a real life situation. I have the strongest confidence that this litter will show similar traits due to the quality of this breeding. Only for Police K-9, competition or similar, and must be a good family life. Though great family dogs these pups need to work and I will not release them to an unqualified individual. Must exhibit experience and ability to work with / develop these dogs whether working or competition.

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