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I am a: Trainer
Name: Adam Deaver
Company: Elite K-9 Training LLC
City/Town: Parker
State/County: Colorado
Zip/Post Code: 80134
Country: USA
Phone: 720-361-5374

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Service Offered: Training

Listed: 3rd, Aug 2018
Updated: 28th, Feb 2019
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Availability Date: Any
Registration: Other

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Price: See website for different training packages
This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

My Name is Adam Deaver I am a United States Marine Corps Vet and have always had a love for dogs. After getting out of the service Me and my wife welcomed our first dog Kai into our lives. the impact Kai had on me was life changing. I have dedicated my life to training dogs to help others experience the companionship, and benefit from the skills that these K-9s can offer. I now work along side my K-9 Partner Maverick who is a multi-Purpose K-9. Elite K-9 has many different training programs ranging from simple obedience (Sit, Down, Come, leave it, Brake), all the way up to Explosive ordinance detection (EOD), Narcotics detection. Tactical tracking and trailing (SAR), and apprehension work (personal protection).

Owner Comments

My mythology is broken down into three categories.

1- Leadership
- First Establish clear and concise boundaries
- Second Educate the dog to create competency
- Third hold them Accountable
- Fourth Celebrate success
Now understand Competency is not the same as obedience Competency is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently while on the other hand obedience is the ability to follow an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority. After creating competency we are able to hold them accountable. Through accouability we are able to then create obedience.

2- Behavior Creation
- First Label the behavior (create a name for the behavior (Sit,Down,Come)
- Second Create that behavior with an intensive (Toy,Treat,Pressure Compliance)
- Third Mark that behavior (Good)
- Fourth Reward it

3- Behavior Modification
- First Observer the Behavior
- Second Correct it
- Third Redirect to a more appropriate behavior
- Fourth Mark that behavior (Good)
- Fifth Reward it

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