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I am a: Trainer
Name: Ron Ligtenberg
Company: Ronin Dog Training
City/Town: Sprundel
State/County: Holland
Country: Netherlands
Phone: ++31653404359

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Service Offered: Training

Listed: 29th, Jun 2016
Updated: 28th, May 2019
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Price: Please ask
This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

Ronin Dog Training is offering green and certify ready dogs, training and seminars to get the best out of your K9

Training a K9 for real world jobs is serious.
It has nothing to do with dogsport.
For example: A sports tracking dog will not give the outcome you hope for in a real life urban "man on the run" situation.
In that situation you need a dog that hunts with his nose and uses 100% of his drive to follow the track.

In this situation the dog must be able to switch from sand, grass and hard surfaces like if there is no difference.

We at Ronin DT have our own methodology for this.
Check out our videos where you see a young dog (13 months) after 4 weeks of training as a dual purpose police dog doing an almost 100% hard surface track.

Also a young dog doing a trail/track at high speed in an industrial area.

It's all about knowing how to train a dog for this.
For us it was common sense but after a lot of contact with LE we heard the complaint of "my dog bites hard but never can find the guy he needs to bite"
We understood that we needed to bring this methodology to LE!

Also training in building the dog in civil aggression, prey bite work and troubleshooting (the out) and putting drive in the dog during detection to make him a hunter for the odor, instead of just passing by the odor.

Just drop us a mail at if you are looking for dogs, green or trained , training or want to participate/organize a seminar.

Owner Comments

Green dogs and certify ready dogs available, please mail.

Working Dog Trainer classes.
Learn how to train K9s in tracking, detection and bite-work.
From pup to full working dog or from green to working dog.

K9-Handler classes.
At the K9 handler classes you get a high drive K9 to train.
At the end of the class you can take the K9 home and start your Job as a K9 handler.

Both classes are almost 1-1 learning from your instructors.

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