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Penny off leash at the local park


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I am a: Trainer
Name: Krista Scott
Company: Custom K9 Solutions
City/Town: King
State/County: North Carolina
Zip/Post Code: 27021
Country: USA
Phone: 4343262748

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Name: Penny
Age: 6 months
Sex: F

Listed: 13th, May 2021
Updated: 13th, May 2021
Additional Information

Colour: Golden
Guarantees: Health

Price / Availability

Price: $6000 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency
Shipping available at buyer's expense
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Training Details

Owner Comments

Penny has completed her training program and is a perfect pet, ready to fill a special spot in someone’s life. She has a happy go lucky, sweet, calm, and outgoing personality. If I had to choose one word to describe penny it would be kind. She meets new people, including children very politely and likes to offer them a paw for a shake. She also meets new dogs very politely but doesn’t feel the need to meet or react to every dog she comes across.
Penny is EASY. Easy to live with, to take to the park, downtown, dinner, greenways, festivals, brunch, breweries, car rides, bike rides, hotels, live music venues, etc etc. I joke and say she is completely patio trained, meaning when she realizes we’re approaching tables and chairs she finds a shady spot under the table and lays down for a nap even before everyone else is seated. As long as she is in the shade she stays put and does not have to be reminded to stay “down”. Often when we’re all done and leaving the wait staff is shocked there was a dog at all. Penny is very quiet and content in any situation.

Penny’s leash training is stellar. She walks on leash like a dream, even hands free. She is content sticking with her handler at any pace on a loose leash. Penny has solid obedience training, potties on command, is crate trained, house trained, waits patiently to enter/ exit the home and vehicles, to eat her food, and gets along perfectly with other household pets including dogs, cats, and the occasional bottle baby goat we keep indoors. She has been exposed to chickens, adult goats, horses, and even met a llama superbly over mother’s day weekend. At this time she doesn’t have a huge interest in toys but likes to kick around things that make lots of noise, like rattly cat toys or metal bowls. She has great food motivation and kibble has been her training reward in my program.
Penny has no bad habits like jumping up, counter surfing, or chewing on things in the home. She is not allowed on the furniture and is 100% okay with it. Her favorite treats are Himalayan Dog Chews and blueberries.

Penny does not shed and has consistently been great for all aspects of grooming including nail trimming, bathing, drying with the forced air dryer, brushing, clipping, scissoring, and ear plucking.

*Included in Penny’s price is a handling course demonstrating how best to utilize her extensive training, a personalized handbook for referencing her specific training, and all of the gear and equipment used with Penny while in my training program.

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