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Icon, 7 months old
Icon, down/stay, 7 months old
Icon, Feb 2016
Icon on his 2nd day here. Child is very tall for 6. Icon is huge.

German Shepherd Dog
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Seller Information
K-9 Information

I am a: Breeder
Name: Jen Williams
Company: Vom Eisenherz German Shepherds
City/Town: Lee County
State/County: Illinois
Zip/Post Code: 61310
Country: USA
Phone: 6308545953

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Name: Icon
Age: 7 months
Sex: M
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Parents OFA'd: Yes

Listed: 5th, Mar 2016
Updated: 23rd, Mar 2016
Additional Information

Availability Date: Now
Registration: AKC
Pet Passport: No

Colour: Sable
OFA'd: No
Hip Score: Too young for certification

Price / Availability

Price: $3500 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency

This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

Practical/household/public-type obedience in place, very good for his age, has not had sport-style obedience yet. All the basics: sit, down, stay, come, waits to be released for his food, waits to be released to exit the door, decent on leash. Recall is good for his age, off-lead as well. Trustworthy in large open areas. Loves his ball- high trainability, very very good potential in this strong young boy.

Housebroken, crate-trained, non-destructive (generally-he's still a puppy!), rides well, quiet in crate or loose in car.

Owner Comments

Icon is an exceptional quality puppy in many ways. He has a very kind disposition with family and especially children, but strong aggression. A family needing a formidable deterrent whose judgment they can trust would be well-served with Icon. He is strong-willed and dominant with other dogs, but not dog-aggressive. Another dog in the house should be female and preferably only one other dog. Annoys cats like any self-respecting working line puppy does, but not dangerous with them. He is also very good with my 3lb Chihuahua.

I am willing to make exceptions for competent handlers, but no other dogs, or one other dog would be best for Icon. While he loves to play with other dogs, he is not a puppy who backs down easily. Extreme tenacity, whether he's attempting to convince another dog to play with him or whether he's protecting his food- he doesn't quit, so someone MUST be able to effectively handle/direct him. He is so well-mannered and well-behaved most of the time, and so large, that it's easy to forget how young he really is. He is calm indoors, typically lying where I am and chewing a bone once he's run his puppy laps. Very clean in the house, car, and his crate.

I would prefer a home with children for him; he absolutely adores them. He travels well in the car, exudes confidence in every-day new things he encounters, has a happy and exuberant attitude, and in general is an absolutely pleasant dog to have around. He has matured exactly as I predicted when he was young, so I anticipate him staying on that course through adulthood. He will need a handler who can read a dog properly and handle effectively- fair and consistent- NOT a dictator. He will not respect a dictator. If he's anything like his parents (who I own) he will react aggressively to unfair, harsh, heavy-handed handling as an adult.

Icon's perfect handler is a handler who realizes that they must show Icon though consistency and FAIR consequences, why they need to be respected. He is more than happy to comply to fair handling, even at the hand of a child. My 6yr old handles him fine, yet grown men who tried to "show him who's boss" failed miserably at even mediocre compliance. The dog has strong personality and character.

He is beautiful now, but incredibly tall and lanky. I expect him to mature over the standard for height. He has great structure for his age, and will have an absolutely stunning head. He will be a traffic-stopper in the looks department, the coveted "large, strong, very dark sable," so it's even more important that someone not get googly-eyed about his looks and remembers that he is a strong, strong puppy and needs a capable handler. He's like a supermodel who also happens to be a black belt with a PhD. :) Don't underestimate simply because he's gorgeous- this is a lot of dog.

Icon could be the right person or family's "once in a lifetime" dog. Very special young dog. He is ONLY for sale because I also own his full brother from a previous litter.

I will not ship him. I need to see that someone can handle him and make sure this is a good fit. Besides, he would need a 700 crate to ship in, even at 7 months, and that would add significant costs.

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