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This pic included for size reference- he is a BIG boy.

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I am a: Breeder
Name: Jen Williams
Company: Vom Eisenherz German Shepherds
City/Town: Lee County
State/County: Illinois
Zip/Post Code: 61310
Country: USA
Phone: 6308545953

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Name: Hank
Age: 2
Sex: M
Link: Click To Dog Pedigree

Parents OFA'd: Yes
Parents Titled: Yes

Listed: 20th, Feb 2017
Updated: 8th, Apr 2017
Additional Information

Availability Date: Now
Registration: AKC
Pet Passport: No

Colour: Bicolor
OFA'd: No

Price / Availability

Price: 3400 -   - Convert To Other Currency
Price negotiable to good home
This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

Basic obedience, housebroken, crate-trained, good in car, good in public, OK with cats, OK with small dogs, not good with other males of any size. Females are fine.

Owner Comments

If the "stop and chat" is your idea of hell on Earth, I have the perfect dog for you.
Meet Hank. He's approximately 98lbs (nowhere near filled out yet- just turned 2!) of sheer curmudgeon in a very attractive bicolor casing. Your social engagements are sure to dwindle with Hank at your side.
Whether you're an introvert wanting more "me time" or just a plain grouch who enjoys making the public look at their feet and pass you by quickly, Hank fits the bill. In fact, he's so perfect for this, I can't believe I am selling him, but it's time. His temperament would be a better fit in a home with fewer dogs.

He is not breeding quality (by my standards, and since he's my dog, those are the only standards that matter, so please do not ask about breeding rights), and he cannot find it in his tiny, shriveled, chilly heart to get along with my other males.
Hank has a dominant streak a mile wide. He is not, however, that dominant toward the handler. He is pushy and obnoxious to other dogs, even females, unless they are older and extremely hard. Hank was a singleton puppy who has been spoiled in some ways (dare you to raise a singleton pup that cute and not have it happen to you, too!) and skipped kindergarten. He never learned to share, and he thinks his agenda is the most important agenda.

Hank is not without a fun side. He just likes to keep it on the (very) down low. He is very high drive, loves loves loves his ball, will retrieve (or at least chase and possess) most objects, loves to hike and explore, and absolutely loves to play in the water. Lots of determination- could make an excellent tracking/trailing/search dog.
Extremely territorial, he'll keep both unwanted animals and humans away from you and your property, unless you convey to him in clear terms that someone is a friend. He is neutral toward strangers when I am with him, but extremely aggressive toward them if they approach uninvited. No one, whether they know him or not, is getting too close to the fence if I am not present.

He has always been 100% perfect with my son (5yrs old when Hank was born). He is my son's favorite, actually, in terms of a dog to play with, because he has excellent discernment. Little fingers have stayed safe despite high drive for the ball.

Hank is NOT a dog for an inexperienced handler in any way. He is quite soft and babyish to me- but he is not this way to everyone. He is a dog whose loyalty has to be earned. He has a very serious temperament in many ways.
Hank is great in the house, non-destructive (to my recollection, he has never destroyed anything in his entire life), and quite calm.

He would be excellent for a single woman (or a woman who wants to be single ;) ) *with handling experience* looking for protection, a family with kids with a strong handler, or anyone with only female dogs or no other dogs, room for him to stretch those loooong legs, and who wants a dog with strong aggression and doesn't mind the responsibility that comes with it.
He is NOT hard to handle- nor is he a liability- you just have to have some skills and common sense. I am finding these things are rare commodities in this world where dogs are given up for being protective, but where everyone claims they want a "protection dog," so I am doing my part by describing him to the best of my ability.

Hank will ONLY go to a home willing to keep in contact with me and let me help facilitate the transition. Hank must be picked up in person. I will not ship him. You MUST come meet him in person and see if he is right for you. I also have his mother to meet, and his grandmother. Hank will be sold with his pedigree, but w/out breeding rights, and with a buyback guarantee. He has not had his hips and elbows X-rayed since he just turned 2 and I decided he was not going to be bred, but he has been tested DM N/N.

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