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Diablo as a pup

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Seller Information

I am a: Breeder
Name: Theresa Hicks
Company: SK9U
City/Town: Rochester
State/County: Washington
Zip/Post Code: 98579
Country: USA
Phone: 2532673977

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Service Offered: Stud
Name: Diablo BRN 17949
Age: 7
Sex: M
Link: Click To Dog Pedigree

Sire: 2 time national champion Hans pegge Rudie II
Link: Click To Sire Pedigree
Link: Click To Dam Pedigree

Listed: 11th, Oct 2017
Updated: 18th, Nov 2017
Additional Information

Availability Date: 10/10/17
Highest Title: PH1
Registration: Other

Colour: Dark fawn
Guarantees: Health and Workability
Hip Score: 100% hips elbow and back tested in Holland


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Price / Availability

Price: $1000 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency
plus vet and shipping expenses
This K-9 is Available
Training Details

KNPV ph1 titled stud Diablo brn 17949!

Owner Comments

Diablo is a KNPV PH1 titled stud who is son to two time national champion Hans pegge Rudie II
(Contract Example)

FOR Stud Diablo BRN # 17949
Conditions of Stud Service:
1. Natural (live) matings.
a. Documentation by veterinarian that the bitch is current on its vaccinations including rabies.
b. Documentation that the bitch is brucellosis clear/negative within 20 days of date of natural matings or inseminations using fresh-semen in presence of stud dog.
c. Bitches will be charged a boarding/handling fee of $20/day while in the custody of SK9U.
d. An airport service fee of $150 shall be charged for pick up and/or delivery of bitches to SeaTac international airport in SeaTac WA between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm on Mondays through Fridays or an agreed time by both parties in contract.
e. Costs of shipping, transport and airport service fees are the sole responsibility of the Owner(s) of the bitch.
f. One tie constitutes a breeding but an additional one (1) or two (2) tie(s) may occur at the discretion of the Owner(s) of the stud dog and/or SK9U
2. Fresh and Frozen semen
a. SK9U Kennels reserves the right to perform insemination of aggressive, difficult or fractious bitches by deposition of fresh semen in the cranial vagina of such bitches. The cost of collection and insemination shall be an additional cost of breeding and this cost is the sole responsibility of the Owner(s) of the bitch. Costs of semen collection and insemination are the responsibility solely of the bitch owner and shall be paid by credit card at their source and before breeding.
b. Medical fees, treatment fees and other costs incurred by the bitch while in the custody of SK9U are the sole responsibility of the Owner(s) of the bitch.

3. Policy for approving bitches for stud service.
Bitch owners must be willing and able to provide care for the bitch while
Pregnant and also provide care for the litter in a humane manner.
4. Mutual Agreements by Both parties:
a. Both parties agree that the stud service agreement is for stud service only.
b. Both parties agree that the dogs involved in this breeding are in good health.
c. Both parties agree that two live puppies constitute a litter, if there are not two live puppies at birth then we will give a repeat service. Bitch Owners must provide viable proof that the bitch did not conceive to receive a repeat breeding.
d. Parties agree that if the original stud dog is no longer available when and if a repeat breeding is required a return service will be offered from an alternative stud dog of the stud dog’s owner’s kennel if this offer is not acceptable to bitch owners then the agreement is considered as complete.
e. Parties agree that the stud dog owner will be held harmless except as stated herein.

5. Agreement by the owner of Stud Dog.
a. The owner of the stud dog agrees that collections of sperm will be made by a veterinarian office that has experience in semen collections.
b. The Stud Dog Owner agrees that any cooled (extended) semen collections shipped must be considered viable for breeding, in the event the receiving veterinarian deems the cooled (extended semen) is not viable (acceptable for insemination) this must be documented by a letter from the receiving veterinarian.
c. The Stud Dog Owner agree that if the bitch fails to become pregnant, a return stud service from the Stud Dog will be given to the same bitch without an additional stud service fee within 1 year of the first mating. Before the Stud Dog Owner will repeat the breeding the bitch must be tested for thyroid deficiencies and be within acceptable limits at the time of breeding, the bitch must also be tested for peak ovulation by means of an ovulation timing test to predict ovulation and this shall be confirmed. If said bitch is bred/inseminated on the recommendation of bitch owners on any date other than the insemination date predicted by the ovulation timing test the stud dog’s owner, reserves the right to refuse to repeat the breeding, unless an additional fee is paid.
d. The Stud Dog owners agree that shipment of cooled extended semen will take place on the dates requested, shipment will take place by means of priority overnight mail.

e. Stud Dog owner agrees to furnish estimated cost of all fees associated with this mating in writing if requested.

6. Agreement by the Owner of Bitch.

a. The Bitch owner agrees that they shall test or agree to have the bitch tested with an ovulation test that predicts ovulation, this test and testing shall be funded and or paid for by Bitch owners and shall be done by a competent and experienced person.

b. The Bitch Owner agrees to provide the Stud Dog Owner with the dates for insemination based on testing that predicts ovulation, in the event that the Bitch owner desires cooled (extended) semen to be shipped “via overnight transit”, the Bitch owner additional agrees that the Stud Dog owner shall be given a 24 hour advance notice prior to first semen shipment.

c. The Bitch Owner agrees that the insemination and sperm evaluation shall be completed by a competent experienced person in artificial inseminations.

d. The Bitch Owner agrees to pay any and all fees associated with the semen shipment, semen testing, extender for cooled semen and insemination of the semen inclusive of the stud fee, Bitch Owner also agrees to pay all fees associated with a return stud service if required, shipping handling collection and insemination of semen if one transpires.

e. The Bitch Owner agrees to prevent the bitch from exposure to any other in-tact male dog while in season, in the event of a dispute of the parentage of the litter Bitch owner agrees to pay all fees associated with DNA testing of litter, Dam and Stud dog as agreed herein to verify parentage.

7. Additional conditions to this agreement:
a. Note! Substitute breeding of other bitches will be allowed but not without prior consent of stud dog owner…
b. If bitch does not take on the second breeding we ask a full blood panel be done on the said bitch to evaluate if there is a thyroid problem etc before we repeat a 3rd time…

c. The alternate bitch and pedigree must be approved prior to breeding by stud dog owner…
d. Two live puppies at birth constitute a litter.

e. Our goal is to make you happy and get your bitch pregnant with Poet Puppies for the purpose of improving the breed; therefore anything is doable and possible with further discussion...

8. Other Terms:

Owner of Bitches agree payment for Stud Service is $ 1,000.00 USD. semen shipping for bitches and shipping must be paid at time stud dog is confirmed so there will be no breeding date conflicts...
The Stud fee for Diablo’s semen is $1,000 to be paid before semen is shipped to the suggested location. ONLY ONE BITCH IS USED WITH THE SHIPPING OF SEMEN. If it is used on more than one bitch, a stud service is to be given for each bitch.
The stud fee is no way refundable. This is for the purchase of live breeding, Fresh and, frozen semen. We will release only that amount of straws of fresh/frozen semen per stud service recommended by the veterinarian. All transportation charges and veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the owner of the bitch. The owner of the bitch is responsible for all the vet bills and the expenses for the insemination to the appropriate location. We request for the veterinarian to do vaginal cytology, numerous progesterone tests and LH test on your female. These tests can be acquired and done by your Veterinarian. Stud fee on live mating is only refundable if tie does not occur. The stud fee for fresh/frozen semen is no way refundable. There is no guarantee on fresh/frozen semen. That is why a competent Reproductive Veterinarian is recommended to perform the insemination The owner of the bitch warrants that his/her bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to the breeding and that he/she will protect her from exposure upon her end of heat cycle. The owner of the bitch hereby releases from responsibility SK9U owner Theresa Hicks from any and all liabilities and/or damages to said bitch or semen.
I have read the above and agree to all terms and conditions as outlined herein and by my signature acknowledge having received a copy of this agreement.

THE ABOVE AGREEMENT IS MADE AND SIGNED THIS _________ DAY OF ____________________ 20_____ BY SK9U owner Theresa Hicks AND THE OWNER OF THE BITCH TO ASSURE THE WELL-BEING OF SAID ANIMALS INVOLVED AND THEIR PROGENY. SHOULD IT BECOME NECESSARY TO ENFORCE ANY PART OF THIS CONTRACT BY LEGAL MEANS, ANY, AND ALL ATTORNEY’S FEE, COURT COSTS, AND TRAVEL EXPENSES WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER OF THE BITCH. I, we, the owner, hereby certify that I/we have completely read this contract, understanding its complete contents, and agree to it fully: ______________________________________ _____-______-______ _
______________________________________ _____-______-______
Owner of SK9U Theresa Hicks

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