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Dallas vom Eisenherz head shot
Dallas vom Eisenherz sitz
Dallas vom Eisenherz standing
Dallas vom Eisenherz & preschooler
For size reference, I am 5'7" in those boots. He's a big dog.
Dallas' left elbow
Dallas' right elbow
Dallas' hips
Dallas at restaurant

German Shepherd Dog
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Seller Information
K-9 Information

I am a: Breeder
Name: Jen Williams
Company: Vom Eisenherz German Shepherds
City/Town: Lee County
State/County: Illinois
Zip/Post Code: 61310
Country: USA
Phone: 6308545953

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Name: Dallas vom Eisenherz
Age: 2
Sex: M
Link: Click To Dog Pedigree

Parents OFA'd: Yes
Parents Titled: Yes

Listed: 20th, May 2015
Updated: 13th, Jan 2016
Additional Information

Highest Title: BH
Registration: AKC

Colour: Sable
Guarantees: Workability
OFA'd: Yes
Hip Score: Good/normal


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Price / Availability

Price: $6900 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency

This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

Was going to be trialed for his IPO1 this Spring but owner passed away suddenly. Has been trained toward AD, and personal protection training beyond that needed for IPO. Amazing agility/obstacle skills & potential. **DIABETIC ALERT** Excellent general detection potential. Would be good demo dog- social, reliable, impressive.

Owner Comments

Where do I even start? This dog has incredible versatility. Raised as the beloved companion of a single gentleman, Dallas has been everywhere and acts perfectly in all situations. He was the 24/7 best friend of a friend of mine who passed away very suddenly. I purchased him back from the estate and have come to the decision that while I would love to keep him, and many a breeder would love to have him, he needs to go back to the kind of life he had before- he needs his own person or family and he needs to be a key part of their lives. He will make it worth anyone's while who gives him the attention and time he deserves.

He is a reliable diabetic alert dog, however, he was not officially trained or certified in that, so I will not try to sell under that label. However, he alerted to his owner's low blood sugar since he was between 14-15 weeks old. He is a very intuitive, perceptive dog. He has also alerted to cancer.

He is a serious-minded dog, but with more than enough drive to continue titling. He has police service potential but I will be choosy what type department he goes to. Loves to work, loves to be with you, loves to ride in the car for simple errands, able to relax when it's all over. Non-destructive, clean, and quiet. Hardly barks outside. Never digs, never chews anything up, clean and quiet in a crate as well. Grew up in the house, slept in bed with owner.

Very large and imposing and amazingly agile for any size. He is approx. 26-26.5" at the shoulder and 90ish lbs. At 2, he has a lot of filling out left to do, yet.

He is incredible at body control and loves obstacle work-LOVES it. He is a neighborhood playground legend :) His favorite things are the biggest, twistiest slides and ladders.

Excellent stud dog- very efficient (ties in seconds, no wasted energy, no posturing, no games), not overly aggressive, does not need to be muzzled. He has only been bred twice thus far and second litter is not yet born.

Very healthy- never any issues. Raised on raw food and always received excellent care.

Excellent structure. Should get a V rating if shown and should pass a Korung no problem. Both parents' are V rated imports. Pedigree is impeccable. No holes.

Loves kids, acts young and clownish with them, gentle and easy to handle, but with an adult, will *NOT* tolerate any handling he feels is disrespectful or unfair, or undeserved. I would not label him handler aggressive, as he can and will take a well-deserved, hard correction with only minor vocal grumbling but he is not a dog for someone whose style is to beat a dog into submission or "show 'em who's boss" right off the bat. He might change your view on that tactic ;). He has never bitten a handler but he has given many stern warnings. Clear-headed and able to go immediately back to work once the "disagreement" is over.

On the dominant side of things, including interactions with other dogs. Not dog aggressive but needs supervision with some dogs and doesn't put up with other males disrespecting him. I have no issues handling this dog around other dogs. I take him out to dinner with other dogs lying just feet from him at the next table and he's not even interested. A dog has to get in his face for him to want to fight.

Best home only. Please call with any questions. Would make a deal with someone local if I could retain breeding rights.

Please see videos- video of black dog, Dylan, is his littermate.

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