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I am a: Trainer
Name: Jake Morris
State/County: California
Country: USA
Phone: 8565533260

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Name: Bruno
Age: Will be 8 months old as of July 3rd
Sex: M

Sire: Flynn from the Southland
Link: Click To Sire Pedigree

Dam: Bree Vom Haus Baysden
Link: Click To Dam Pedigree

Parents OFA'd: Yes
Parents Titled: Yes

Listed: 28th, Jun 2021
Updated: 29th, Jun 2021
K-9 Pedigree

I have the physical pedigree on hand.

Additional Information

Availability Date: 06/28/2021
Registration: AKC
Pet Passport: No

Colour: Dark Sable
Guarantees: Workability
OFA'd: No

Price / Availability

Price: $3500 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency

This K-9 is Available
Training Details

Bruno is trained in five basic obedience commands: sit, down, stay, recall and heel. He will perform them reliably. He is e-collar conditioned and off leash trained, and he is fully crate trained and potty trained. He is also place board trained and is very easy in the house. He possesses full calm grips on the hard sleeve and is in the process of being progressed to the bite suit, he has clean outs.

Owner Comments

Bruno is a nearly 8 month old and 69lbs male German Shepherd puppy from IPO lines. He is environmentally sound and stable and possesses strong environmental nerve, he’s been tested on slick floors, gunfire, loud equipment, tunnels, dark rooms, and basements all while out of drive. He has also been tested on the agility field. Bruno is a very food motivated dog and all of his obedience has been taught through the use of food and operant conditioning. He possesses decently high prey drive and will chase/bark at any object put in front of him, and he is not averse to putting any object in his mouth. He will chase and work for including but not limited to: balls, tugs, bite pillows, bite sleeves, and metal objects. He also loves to retrieve.

Bruno is a moderately possessive dog but not dangerously so and does not display resource guarding behavior. He is a social and gentle dog who was raised in a family environment so naturally he is great with young children. He will bark at strangers in places he deems his territory but is perfectly composed in public. He is dog social, cat social, and farm animal neutral. Bruno is a compliant dog who is eager to please. He does not require hard correction under any circumstances.

Please keep in mind, despite this dog’s large size and appearance he is still a puppy and he could be an otherworldly different dog by the time he hits puberty. Please do not make an inquiry expecting a finished dog. This is a very green and young well developed and well started dog who has the potential to develop into an IPO/sport prospect, a family/personal protection dog, or even a single purpose police dog with the potential of dual purpose. There are many working avenues this dog could be developed for. I have yet to explore Bruno’s hunt drive but he has a very strong nose and is often possessed by scents. Probably would make a great tracking prospect as well. — Bruno can be delivered anywhere in the state and/or possibly across the country. Inquire to discuss delivery details.

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