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K-9 For Sale
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Belgian Malinois

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I am a: Breeder
Company: 4 BAR D KENNELS
City/Town: FLEMING
State/County: Colorado
Zip/Post Code: 80728
Phone: 970-324-6497

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Name: Bella's 1M
Sex: M

Sire: Huntitan Bonba (Neko)

Dam: Vac-Vagvolgyi Bella (Bella)

Parents OFA'd: Yes
Parents Titled: No

Listed: 16th, Mar 2012
Updated: 27th, Jan 2014
Additional Information

Availability Date: 03/26/2012
Registration: AKC

Guarantees: Health

Price / Availability

Price: $700 - USD  - Convert To Other Currency
700 W/O AKC Papers or 1200 with AKC
This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

Owner Comments

We're pleased to announce the second planned litter of our Hungarian Import Vac-Vagvolgyi Bella. Bella was mated to our Hungarian import Huntitan Bomba AKA "Neko". Bella had 6 females and 1 male in her litter. I reserve puppies in the order that I receive deposits, if you have any questions please contact Scott! We expect these puppies to have over the top prey drives, beauty, brawn and the brains to be out standing working dogs. Both Bella and Neko have very high prey drives and do everything! Vac-Vagvolgyi Bella, Aka Bella. She was imported from Hungary by Scott, her breeder is Truszka Zsolt. Bella is an awesome red female weighing 52 pounds and stands 23 inches at the shoulders. She is registered with the MEOE FCI DATABASE, the Hungarian Kennel Club and is also registered and DNA'd with the American Kennel Club here in the United States. Bella comes from some of the best working bloodlines in the world and it shows with the quality of the dog she is. Her pedigree includes top dogs all over the world such as her Dam BOB, 2 X CAC IPO 2, HD 1, ED 0, GARDE ROYAL FATIME and some of the other dogs on her Dam's side of her pedigree are: IPO 3, HD 2, GARDE ROYAL BABYLON., IPO 1, HD 1, ARENO V. GELDERS SPIJKER., MKSZ HPJ FIRE FOX., MKSZ BOB, MKSZ CAC, IPO 3 AVANTI VAN HET BERKENMEER., IPO 1 XIBOULLET VAN DE DUVETORRE., 2000-2001 FCI WORLD CHAMPION IPO 3, SchH3 KLEMM VOM ROTEN FALKEN., CAC, HD 0, SchH3, IPO 3 FCI 00-12, SG JITA DU HIRSCHTHAL., HD 0, IPO 3 NELSON DU COLOMBOPHILE., IPO 1 GARDE ROYAL AMAZON., HD 0, SchH3, IPO 3 AYKOVOM FORSTHAUS AUGUSTDORF., HD 1, SchH3, IPO 3 SAKIA V LOWENFELS., CH, HJCH, HCH, , JCL. W, IPO 2 VOROS PIMPERNEL NARKO MALIN., MONDIO 1 CITA VOM SIEFELERBERG., SchH 3 SG OSCAR VON LOWENFELS., SchH3 FREYA VON LOWENFELS., FRENCH RING 3 FREYA VON LOWENFELS., FRENCH RING 3, BELGIAN RING 1 G'VITOU DES DEUX POTTOIS., RING 3 HADDOCK DES DEUX POTTOIS., CH TR, F RING 3 FIN 88-2, MR3 V RATED, FR CH TR ULTRA DU DOMAINE DU CAMELEON., IPO 3, RING S KOLOS DES DEUX POTTOIS., RING 1, NVBK 82-1, 83-1 CARTOUCHE NVBK., RING 3 FIN CIBO VAN DE MEULDERHOF., RING 3 FIN GOTHA DES BERGERS VAILLANTS., IPO 1 TIGRISSZEM HIUZ., IPO 3 URAC VON LOWENFELS., IPO DES DEUX POTTOIS., RING 3 FIN 84'14 85'9 86'9 87'22 88'22 CPG F, CH ROBIN DE LA FONTAINE DU BUIS., BELGIAN RING 1 FIN 87-1 G'BIBBER ALSH., VDH/DMC 90/022 RAMUS DU COLOMBOPHILE., Some of the dogs on her Sire's side of her pedigree are: BELGIAN RING 2 OURAGAN DU MOULIN DE TOMBROEK., RING 1 KIRR DES DEUX POTTOIS., BELGIAN RING 1 KALINE DU MOULIN DE TOMBROEK., BELGIAN RING 1 FIN GORDON NVBK., FR3, MR3, 6X WORLD COMPETITOR ELGOS DU CHEMIN DES PLAINES., RING 3 ATOS., MR 2 MANGO DU MOULIN DE TOMBROEK., RING 2 DX DU BAULOIS., BELGIAN RING DEKX., BELGIAN RING 1 FIN KAWA DES DEUX POTTOIS., RING 3 YSER LOSH., FRENCH RING III MANSOUR DE LA FONTAINE DU BUIS., EXP TO FRANCE RING 3 FIN 82-15 CUIK DU CLOS MICHEL., PH 1 ROY NHSB., KNPV PH 1, PH 2 JOERIE NHSB., PH 1, PH II, KNPV CERT MET LOF ARCO PERLE DE TOURBIERE NHSB., RING 3 FIN CPG 500 FIN OTHAR DE LA NOAILLERIR., RING 3 TCHRESIA ALSH., RING I FIN 79-1 VANDRIO LOSH., RING 3 MOSS ALSH., RING 3 YSER LOSH., RING 3 JUDO DE LA FECHT., RING 3 URGO DE TURENFELS., PH 1 CARLO VAN KRISTALHOF., As you can see Bella has one of the most impressive pedigrees in the World with the top bloodlines in Europe. Neko and he's strictly business unless of course we're sitting around, then he's all over us giving tons of affection and kisses. He's quite the ham as well and loves to show off for us. He's pretty conceited and he knows that he's an handsome boy! Neko's registered name is Huntitan Bomba and was imported directly by Scott from Hungary and was bred by Nagy Sander Marton, registered with the MEOE FCI DATABASE, the Hungarian Kennel Club and is also registered and DNA'd with the American Kennel Club here in the United States. His hips and elbows have been OFA'd GOOD. Neko is a dark red sable and stands 25 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs 56 pounds, Neko's pedigree is quite impressive with several European Championship and titled dogs such as his Sire BELPHEGOR HJCH, 8XBOB, 5XCAC, 5XHPJ, DGY, CAJC and he's HD 0, BH. Neko's Dam is IDA FOXDOG HJCH, 2X BOB, CACIB, 3XCAC, 3XHPJ and she's HD 0. Other dogs in Neko's Dam's side of his pedigree are: DEFECT SWEET HOME SchH2, IPO I, IPO III, HD 0, SG URS VON LOWENFELS WELTMEISTERSHAFT 1996, IPO 3, FMBB 95-1 SCHH3, SG OSCAR VON LOWENFELS SCHH 3, HADDOCK DES DEUX POTTIS RING 3, G'VITOU DES DEUX POTTOIS FRENCH RING 3, BELG RING 1, VIZIR DU CHRISKAROL RING 3, CARTOUCHE NVBK RING 1, NVBK 82-1, 83-1, CH F QUACHA DU MOUSCRONNAIS, SAMY DU MOUSCRONNAIS RING 3, G'BIBBER ALSH BELGIAN RING 1, FIN 87-1, BOB HARAGE CAMPO SVV2, IPO 1, CAC, CACIB, SG FIGIE KORZAR SVV 2, IPO 1, ELGOS DU CHEMIN DES PLAINES FR3, MR3, 6X WORLD COMPETITOR, MATCH DES DEUX POTTIS MONDIO 2, ATOS LOF, RING 3, ITHOS DES DEUX POTTIS RING 3, FAXY DES DEUX POTTIS RING 3, QU'RACK DU BOIS D'EMBLISE RING 3, BELG CH TR CQN RE, WS, B=FR & INT CH, CELIDA SWEET HOME SVV1, RCAC, V ADAK MIRS IPO 3, IRO, FIN, WM, ASUNTHA Z HANKY, IPO2, SONJA VAN TASCA'S HOME RCI 3 FIN., PACHA DES DEUX POTTIS MONDIO RING 2, CASTOR NHSB PH 2 FIN, 88-2, MARK VAN DE LEESTHOF KNPV PH 1, PH 2., INT CH. ROLLY DU COLOMBOPHILE., CHILA DE LA COURTEPOINTE SCHH3, DEKX LOSH B RING 1., ALWIN LUFTY FMMB 97-32, SCHH3, IPO 3, RCI., DARI MALIDAJ IPO 1, QUIEVINE DES DEUX POTTIS IPO2, AGATHA Z HANKY IPO3, FMBB 97-35, Some of the dogs in Neko's Sire's side of his pedigree are: RING 3 FIN. GOTHA DES BERGERS VAILLANTS, RING 3 BRIAN LOI, IPO3 LOURI DES DEUX POTTIS, IPO3 HOLGA DES DEUX POTTIS, RING 3 FIN 84'14 85'9 86'9 87'22 88'22 CPG F CH ROBIN DE LA FONTAINE DU BUIS, RING 3-MULTI FINALISTE RING MUTIN DE LA FONTAINE DU BUIS, PH 1 EIK DES DEUX POTTIS, RING 3 FIN. 76-1 JONY DU COMTE DE RIBEAUPIERRE, PH2 JALK NVBK, RING 3 VICQY DU FAUBOURG DES POSTES, RING 3 JUDO DE LA FECHT, RING 3 ITHOS DES DEUX POTTIS, CPG 500 FIN. 99-9. RING 3 LARRY DE VULCAIN, RING 3 HENJI DE VULCAIN, CHT/R-RING 3 DRAKKAR II DE LA ROCHE FENDUE, RING 3 FIN CPG 500 FIN OTHAR DE LA NOAILLERIE, RING 3 BOB DU DOMAINE DU CAMELEON, RING 3 SIR DE VULCAIN, RING 3 FIN CPG 500 FIN XJELABA LOSH, RING 3 URGO DE TURENFELS, RING 3 YALK DU BOSCAILLE, RING 3 BALZAC DU CREUX THATCHER, RING 3 TRIQUES DES TREVIRES, RING 3 URGO LOF, RING 3 FIN PIRATE DU BRISKA. These are just some of the dogs in Neko's pedigree, his pedigree goes on generation after generation of World Class Champion dogs! These puppies come from some of the best bloodlines in the world! All of my puppies come with our 1 Year Health Guarantee, 2 sets of puppy Vaccinations, Health Records, a Puppy Starter Kit and a life time of breeder support. I DO REMOVE THE DEW CLAWS ON MY PUPPIES! Deposits are half of the purchase price and all deposits go toward the purchase price of the puppy with the balance due when the puppy turns 8 weeks old. I can board your puppy for $30.00 a weeks if you can't pick her/him up when ready at 8 weeks old. These breed of dogs are THE most intelligent and in many cases, smarter than most humans. Belgian Malinois are not a breed that you buy just to put in your back yard and forget about them. They need to be socialized with everyone and exposed to everything so that they become a more rounded dog as an adult. This is not a breed for a first time dog owner! I can ship to most major airport in the USA and Canada only using Continental Airlines. Shipping usually runs about $350.00, but is based upon the size and weight of the puppy when shipped. The older the puppy is, the more it costs to ship them by air. We use Continental Airlines when shipping. Shipping covers the cost of the air fare, new shipping crate that you keep and the Health Certificate issued by our Veterinarian, I can also micro chip your puppy for an additional $35.00 before he/she goes home. We use the ResQ brand micro chip from Bayer which has the highest chip frequency of any chip out there. Feel free to contact Scott with any questions that you may have on this litter or future litters. 970-265-4020 Bus. or 970-324-6497 Cell or you can email me at Visit our web site at to view our Health Guarantee and the "Letters from Families" tab to see what other folks have had to say about us and the puppies that they've purchased from us over the years. We're located in north east Colorado and we do meet folks in the Denver area on Fridays, ask for details. We also invite you out to our place to meet us and our puppies, please call for an appointment today!

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