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Seller Information
K-9 Information

I am a: Trainer
Name: Jerry Colston
Company: Commonwealth Police K-9
City/Town: Prospect
State/County: Kentucky
Zip/Post Code: 40059
Country: United States of America
Phone: 502.228.8551

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Name: Bane
Age: Approximately 18 months
Sex: M

Listed: 14th, Apr 2014
Updated: 16th, Aug 2014
K-9 Pedigree

This dog has strong Dutch KNPV pedigree.

Additional Information

Availability Date: Available now
Highest Title: Untitled
Registration: AKC

Colour: Fawn
Guarantees: Health

Price / Availability

Price: Call for more info or pricing.
This K-9 is !!SOLD!!
Training Details

This dog is being trained in dual purpose patrol/narcotics. His training is in accordance to the standards of the USPCA. He is trained in passive response narcotic detection and knows 4 odors. He is also being trained in obedience, agility, tracking, article search, building search and suspect apprehension. This dog has excellent bite work and he does release his bite upon command.

Owner Comments

Bane is an excellent Malinois. A medium size dog of around 60 pounds and is in perfect health. He is clear headed and bonds to a new handler quickly and strongly. He has no handler aggression issues whatsoever. He has a very nice balance of strong drives and good temperament. He has a zest for life that makes him a pleasure to be around. When off leash he will stay nearby and comes when called. He does not have environmental issues and he is not distracted easily while working. He has nice focus on task at hand. He's a very confident and brave dog. He will protect his handler with his life. He crate well and kennels well. He has a good full mouth bite and grips solid and releases quickly. He will not flinch during courage test. He will make both an excellent street dog as well as a dog that has a strong potential to score very high in a USPCA field trial. K-9 Bane will make an excellent addition to any police department.

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